Slider Images

Adding slider images

With Moja, you can manage the images displayed in a slider or rotator. To do so, see the steps below.

  • login to Moja and click Edit in the Moja toolbar (while on the homepage)
  • click on the image block and choose Edit
  • the image-rotator editor block will appear; click Add Image
  • find a new image in the File Manager by scrolling or searching for a specific image
  • click on the new image (anywhere in the row)
  • select Choose from the pop-up menu
  • use the up & down arrows to reorder images
  • use the trash can to delete unwanted images
  • continue adding, reordering & deleting images until satisfied
  • click Update
  • choose to Preview or Publish your edits - or Discard to start the process over

Adding text to a slider image

In Moja, editing the headline or tagline of a rotator/slider image is accomplished in the file manager - specifically in the "Properties" of the image. To edit the headline or tagline, follow the steps below.

  • login to Moja and click 'Files' in the top/left of the Moja toolbar
  • once the File Manager window opens, click 'Search'
  • in the top/left in the field provided, search for your image using a single keyword found in the title, date or list of tags… or locate the image by scrolling through your files
  • lick on the image (anywhere on the row)
  • select 'Properties' from the pop-up window
  • click on 'Description', which will enable the description field
  • enter your information using this format: Main Headline::Sub Tagline
  • click the 'save' icon to the far right  save-icon.png - DO NOT CLICK REFRESH at the top
  • your information should now populate across the image when it appears on the page