Link a PDF

With Moja, you can link text to an email address, which will initiate your email provider (Outlook, iMail, etc) in order to send the email. To do so, follow the steps below.

  • While logged into Moja, navigate to the page where you desire to link to a pdf or document
  • Click 'Edit' on the Moja toolbar
  • Click 'Edit' inside the block where you wish to setup the link
  • In the content window, highlight the text or image you want to link
  • Click the 'Files' button (to the right of the 'Image' button) in the content window's toolbar
  • Find the pdf (or file), click on it and select 'Choose'
  • To open the pdf in another window, highlight the text/image, click on the External Link icon (left) and set the 'Target' as 'Open link in a new window'
  • To include a title for the link (i.e. text that appears if someone scrolls over the highlighted text/image), type it in the 'Title' field
  • Leave the 'Class field' as 'Not set'
  • Click 'Update'
  • Click 'Update' in the editor window