Create an Audio page

Moja // Audio from Details Communications on Vimeo.



  • Log in to Moja and click 'Files' in the top/left section of the Moja toolbar
  • Click 'add' in the top/left of the window 
  • Click 'Choose File' and select the audio file you want to upload 
  • To uploaded multiple files, click 'More' to the right of 'Upload'
  • Click 'Add files'
  • Select multiple files at once (up to 100mb per upload)
  • Click 'Start Uploads'
  • Once your files are uploaded, you'll need to edit a few 'Properties' of each file to have it appear properly on your audio page. Please proceed to Part II.


Note 1: If you are providing data immediately after uploading audio files (Part I), skip the next 'Note 2' below.

  • Login to Moja and click 'Files' on the left side of the Moja toolbar 
  • Click 'search' in the top left 
  • Search for 'mp3'(or the desired file type) to query your audio files 
  • Click on the desired sermon (anywhere on the row) and select 'Properties' from the menu 

Note 2:  Edit the fields below (by clicking the name fields) to include information for each audio file.

  • Tags - Include your audio page's tag (i.e. sermons) to have an audio file appear on the audio page and hit Enter, which will wrap the tag in button (please refer to DC if you do not know your audio page's specified tag) 
  • Series - Include the series title. NOTE: You must add new series to your media series page first before including the series (here) on an individual file. Moja associates this field with an existing series. For existing series, beginning typing the series title and select its button/tag when it appears. 
  • Title - Set the title exactly how you want it to display on your site 
  • Description - Set the description exactly how you want it to display on your site 
  • Date - If the upload date is different from the date you want associated with the file, adjust the Date field, which will reorder files - Newest at the top of the page. 
  • Author - Populate with the speaker of the message (if applicable) and hit Enter, which will wrap the tag in button
  • Linked Documents - If you have pdf documents you would like to link to the audio, first upload the document to the file manager (as you would an audio file), then select it within the linked document field 
  • Thumbnail Image - If you have a unique thumbnail for the audio, first upload it to the file manager (as you would an audio file), and then select it as the thumbnail for the audio. 
  • Click the 'save' button  save-icon.png to the far/right row of each edited field 
  • Done!  Your audio file(s) will now reflect the new information


  • Login to Moja and navigate to your audio page (if you need to create a new audio page, see instruction for adding a new page) 
  • Click 'Edit' in the top/left of the Moja toolbar 
  • Click on the audio block in the center of the page and choose 'Edit' 
  • On the Media Type field, select 'Audio' from the drop down 
  • In the Tags field, type in the tag associated with your audio files (i.e. sermons, music, etc) 
  • Click 'Update' 
  • Click 'Exit Edit Mode' in the top/left of the Moja toolbar 
  • Choose to 'Publish edits' if prompted by Moja