Create a Form page

Moja // Form from Details Communications on Vimeo.



1. Add a new page and choose the Form page-type. 
2. Click inside the middle block (where the Submit button is) to build the form. 
3. Use the first 3 tabs across the top to Add, Edit & Preview your questions. 
4. Use the Options tab to…  
  • Name the form
  • Select (1) a Thank You message or (2) to redirect viewer to another page after their submission (NOTE: a redirect overrides the Thank You message).
  • Email the sender a confirmation by naming a question where they submit their email address
  • Email one or more people (the form results) after each submission
  • Apply CAPTCHA (the curvy letters you must type)
5. To retrieve date, go to Dashboard > Reports > click View Responses beside your form > click View All Fields or Export an Excel sheet