Move a Page (in the navigation)

Moja allows you to relocate (or move) a webpage in realtime. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Login to Moja and click 'Dashboard' in the top/right of the Moja toolbar
  • Click 'Site Map' on the left column
  • Find the page(s) you want to move/relocate
  • Hover over the pages icon (to the left of the page name) until it turns it a crosshair symbol
  • Click on the 'icon' and drag it into it's new location (Note: You'll see a thin/horizontal/black line signifying new/possible locations. Also, you must drop a page into a folder BEFORE relocating it inside that folder.)
  • Choose to 'Move' into it's new location, or choose 'Copy' in order to create a completely new version 
  • Click 'Go'