Redirect to a PDF

Note: Redirects will NOT perform while logged into Moja, which allows you to access the page for updates. An easy way to confirm a redirect is performing (without logging out of Moja) is to try navigating to the page in another browser.

  • You may need to upload a PDF to the Files.
  • In the Files, find and click on the PDF.
  • Select Properties. 
  • In the Url, copy the path, which is everything after the .com or .org (i.e. the path for is /about).
  • Exit the Files and go to the Dashboard.
  • Click Sitemap.
  • Find and click on the page you want to redirect (i.e. viewers will pass over this page and land on the PDF).
  • Choose Properties. 
  • Click the 3rd tab titled Custom Attributes.
  • From the top drop down menu, choose Redirect To (if selected once before, it may already be available on the tab).
  • Paste the path in the field.
  • Click Save.