Adding & Editing Profiles


  • Login to Moja and click 'Dashboard' in the top/right of the Moja toolbar.
  • Click the 'Users and Groups' section on the right column. 
  • Click 'Add User' (second tab). 
  • Fill in the required (*) fields, including a temporary password. Users can update it once the account is created. 
  • Click 'Update' in the bottom right of the page 
  • Lastly, have the user go to your Moja staging site's login page (i.e. and input their email address in the bottom field. Then they will be sent an email to update their password.


Note: Your user account has now been created, but you must edit the account to grant the user Moja access and prepare the user's information for the staff page.

  • If continuing from Part I, Click 'Edit User' and the user's profile will become available. If returning at later time, click on the user's "username" to access the profile and then click 'Edit User'
  • To include an image for the staff page, click on 'Choose File' under User Avatar (please resize your images according to the specs for your staff page)

Note: With the following steps, you'll be able to edit important aspects of a user's profile. Please click on the name of the field and then make your selection or insert your text. 

  • MojaUserRoles - grants various levels of access to Moja (your site) 
  • Staff Title - appears on the staff page 
  • Staff bio - appears on the staff page 
  • Church Role - categorizes users on the staff page 
  • ListOrder - arranges the order of users on the staff page (users will default to alphabetical order; there cannot be two users with the same order number)
  • Click the save button(s)  training.moja.png  to the far right of each edited field at the bottom
  • Click 'Update User'