Project Overview

You will collect, create and edit - while we design and program. When both are complete, we'll merge together.

dc-sup-content-questions.pngWhat happens here?

STEP 1 - Identify and organize your pages (navigation). We call this a sitemap
STEP 2 - Collect and submit content (text, images, staff, media, calendar).
STEP 3 - Integrate third-party solutions. Don’t worry, we have a list. 
STEP 4 - Walk-through your pages. The checklist will help. 
STEP 5 - Schedule a launch. We’re here if you need us.

dc-sup-content-cms.pngMeet Moja, our friendly CMS.

From the start of your project we'll provide a staging site where content is loaded and styled. Here enters Moja, the CMS (content management system) you’ll use to manage the website. Our training videos and How-Tos are available 24/7 to show you the ropes.

dc-sup-content-timeline.pngLet's talk timeline.

Once design and programming are complete, we merge your content on a secure staging site and place you in the driver’s seat. Then, you'll style pages exactly the way you like and integrate third-party solutions. On average, staging sites take anywhere from 4-12 weeks for content prep and placement across pages of your site (4 weeks is the early bird).