Step 6. Launch

Now that your web design is supplied with content and third-party integrations, please use the instructions below to launch your new site.

Submit Change Requests (todo) List

Prepare to Launch

At least one week before your website launch, please submit your Change Request (todo) list via Basecamp email.

We will review the list, queue updates and contact you if we have any questions or change orders that require additional programming (more than a programming adjustment).

Locate DNS

What is DNS

DNS stands for Domain Name Server and acts like a switchboard connecting all web activity (concerning your domain) with the correct server. For instance, it connects web traffic to the server hosting your website (we’ll host your new site on our server). It also connects email to the server hosting your email (DC does not host email).

Where to start

If you’re unsure of how to access your DNS, start with the steps below.

1. Contact your domain registrar (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc) and ask if they “host your DNS.”

2. Contact your web host (where your current website is hosted) and ask the same.

3. Visit and perform a search to find your “Name Server” located toward the bottom of the search results.

Send credentials to DC

We suggest a seasoned IT person make the DNS update because you can break other related aspects of the site (i.e. bring your church's email down) if it's not updated correctly.

If you would like DC is perform the new web launch, please send us credentials to your DNS and/or domain registrar via Basecamp.

Schedule launch date/time

Identify date/time (Mon-Thurs 9-4:30pm CST)

We schedule web launches Monday-Thursday, 9-4:30pm CST, in order to help monitor propagation and assist with any technical issues. Please consider this when planning your site's launch date.