Content is critical to the success of your site. Preparing content during this phase will help the overall process (launch) go smoothly.

IMPORTANT: We suggest all content (especially text) be prepared before training. This enables you watch the training videos and style pages afterwards, rather than having to retrain. 

A. Web Text


Please visit the sample sites for ideas and best practices. To support readability and SEO, use direct, scannable text rather than paragraphs (less is truly more). Then prepare text for the following areas:

• Secondary page content - Submit to DC for import (below).

• New Here/Visiting menu - Applied through Moja.

• Forms - Applied through Moja.

Submit to DC in the "text import" spreadsheet (secondary pages only)

• Line/paragraph breaks will be retained.

• No font styling, links, bullets or images (all will be applied in Moja).

Once content is prepared, the next step will be migrating and styling it on all the pages.

Here's how the text import will work…

• Collect text in the format that is best for you (Word, Notepad, Text Edit). Retain line/paragraph breaks, though no font styling or links are needed. 

• DC will send you a Text Import spreadsheet near the beginning of your project.

• Paste your text into the far right column that corresponds to the page in the left column (double-click to paste into a single cell). The pages within each section may be arranged in alphabetical order -- please don't be concerned -- it's only for the purpose of the import.

• Return the sheet to DC (preferably through Basecamp).

• We'll import your text.

• Then, you can go to each page to add styles (fonts, links, images, etc). See the MOJA // EDITING A PAGE video. 

• When you're finished with a page, publish it and move on to the next!

B. Images

Please collect images for the following areas, or consult with your designer (at DC) if we are providing them.

Homepage slider and secondary headers

• We will provide exact dimensions for you

• Header images are typically horizontally composed

• Dimensions available with staging site

Staff thumbnails

• 130 x 170 pixels, 72dpi

• Upload directly to staging site

Audio and video thumbnails

• 575 x 325 pixels, 72dpi

• Upload directly to staging site