Creating a Web Footprint

DC created our first website in 1997. Back then, the web offered a brave new world to those willing to reach out and embrace the future of communications. Now we can’t imagine life without 4G.

We used to say your website is your greatest communication asset. That too is old-school thinking. You need more than a website. Today, you need a web footprint to help create awareness, extend your reach, and form lasting relationships with your organization’s various constituents.

Here’s how we do just that.


DISCOVERY: Starting with you. 

We believe that no one knows more about you than you, and we want to learn all we can. We ask questions, then we listen. We’re really good at being sponges.

Who are you? Whom do you serve? How do you make the world better? Who’s your competition? What are you really good at?


STRATEGY: Determining what’s next. 

You already have a good idea about what you need. “We need a website.” or “We need a mobile solution.” Our approach is to help you determine the best solutions for those needs. Or if you’re not sure what you need, we can help with that too. We’ve made it our priority to keep ahead of the “best web practices” curve in web standards, CMS options, and third party integration.

What are your objectives? What are your audiences’ web habits? What experiences are you trying to create for your audience? Are you selling something? Are you telling stories? Are you creating virtual or real community? What kind of people power do you have to maintain the strategy?


DESIGN: Bringing your brand to life. 

In this step we bring a visual to meet your objectives and create an environment to foster user experiences. Design encompasses both form and function. As important as how something looks and feels is how it works. Design is not just art, it’s smart art that also encompasses order, organization, and functionality.

What is the most important message for your audience to hear? to see? What visual hierarchy should be adhered to? Where do you have brand equity? What are your brand assets? What are your preferences? (yes, we need to hear those too.)


IMPLEMENTATION & LAUNCH: Getting up and running. 

With the design phase completed, implementation begins. This is where we program and test your site, coordinate the launch of your branded social components, and provide training on how to build out and maintain the site in your chosenCMS and third party partners.

When is a realistic “launch date”? What content do you need to aggregate or create for the launch? What social or third party accounts need to be set up? How often will you update? What kind of people power do you have to maintain the strategy?


Here are some of the technologies and strategies we employ to extend your web footprint.

+ CMS (Content Management System) | Easily manage and update your website without the need for HTML and CSS knowledge
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube) | Expand your reach and influence by connecting with users regularly
Calendar and Events | Keep your users up to date and informed of your latest happenings
Video and Audio | Seamlessly publish your Video/Audio content for web, download, and podcasting
Blog | Share your thoughts and insights with users providing relevant, dynamic content
People/Staff | Update staff and leadership profiles without worrying about formatting
Registration/Forms | Gather the information you need in one consolidated location
Enews | Communicate your most important information easily and effectively
Online Giving | Create secure yet simple ways for users to support your mission/vision