Audience Web Expectations

It really goes without saying, the previous year brought aggressive shifts, growth, and potential in the digital world.
Smartphones, tablets, internet dependency, video, social, sharing content... all these aspects of the web increased their influence in our daily lives. The massive and rapid adoption of technology has been driven by the singular focus of one thing: audience needs. Robust technologies have become easier than ever for end-users to engage.
End result, everyone is becoming increasingly comfortable having technology as an everyday... maybe even an every minute part of their lives. 

EVERYONE EXPECTS MORE. Here's what the year ahead has for digital and web relevance...
It's a new buzz worthy era for web site development that should be a part of your future web plans. Responsive Design is the interface design and programming that allows a web site to conform and adjust to the end-users device. The old model called for a web site PLUS a mobile version... representing more development/costs for you and a scaled back and often disappointing experience for smartphone and tablet users. Responsive is the smarter, preferred web experience for smartphone and tablet users. BTW, It's time to retool your site to account for this significant movement.
Faster internet networks, smartphones, and ease of sharing have all combined to make video the norm rather than the exception. People expect video to be one click away on any of their devices. Are you set up to respond to their expectations? Do you have the strategy, CMS, and process to effectively provide timely video resources to your audience?
Smart phones are simpler and smarter… there's no reason why your web site CMS shouldn't be the same. We see too many websites that are created on older platforms with programming languages that do not account for today's web. A new CMS switch could mean simpler, yet more advanced tools that make communicating easier and more efficient, with greater reach. Expect smarter web tools to help you be more relevant in the web world.
Technologies, programming, devices, and content management tools are moving and even dying quickly. It's paramount today that your web footprint begins with strategy. Sorting through the multitude of options, failures and successes, audience needs, technology feature sets, etc can dictate success or failure. You cannot afford web failure. The cost can amount to your audience's quick action to write you off of their digital routine. Talk to people on the leading edge and get your strategy and vision before you create.
What an extraordinarily exciting time to tell your story with greater intrigue than ever before. The new web is combining an emphasis in message, branding, visual, media, and interacitvity that enables you to introduce your story in a remarkable, decisively distinctive way.
People are more likely to first connect with the digital side of your brand than any relational aspect of your brand. What's the first impression impact of your brand? What would a visitor or an outlier conclude about your brand? Branding is a critical strategic element of any viable organization with a mission. Are you valuing your brand? If you're not, guess what, others are not valuing your brand either.

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Brian Jones