The State of Church Communications

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Here's what we know to be true of church communications today...

+ Church communication continues to change and evolve at a crazy-fast pace.
+ Consequently, many churches struggle to keep up with the rate of change.
+ AND many struggle with what it is they are trying to keep up with!
+ MILLENNIAL INFLUENCE. Millennials' brand savvy perspective has caused organizations to invest in quality branding in order to speak their language and earn their respect.
+ IT'S A HANDHELD WORLD. Smartphones and tablets are driving today's internet experience with greater then 55% of church website  visits occurring on mobile devices.
+ EXPERIENCES MATTER. The shift from "tell me" to "show me" communications... less catalogs of information and paragraphs and more visuals, power statements, and focus on sharing experiences that matter.
+ EVERYONE IS MOVING FAST. Your audience is moving fast and comprehending more messages than ever requiring church communications to focus on simple and efficient delivery methods.
+ BRAND EXCELLENCE. Branding matters to people especially younger audiences. Quality branding engages more people while predictable branding disengages audiences. Your story matters and people will simply discount  organizations that do not tell their story well. 
+ THE CREATIVE LANGUAGE. There is a creative revolution in our midst. Today, everyone is empowered and encouraged to live creatively. This expectation holds true for the local church. Audiences are not looking for the "same old, same old" when it could be beautifully creative. Churches need to embrace the new creative language of today's communication and branding.
+ STRATEGY IN / REACTIVE OUT. Many churches are in the rut of churning out "church communications". The lack of strategy and re-visioning communications is likely creating more work and less results because methodology is dated and out of touch. It may be time to rethink and create a relevant comm strategy.
+ RESPECTING  YOUR AUDIENCE. If you desire to effectively engage more people, you have to truly get to know those you are trying to reach. What are their expectations of your communications? How much time do they really have to absorb your communications? What will make their world easier or lighter through your communication efforts? What delivery methods do they prefer and how often? Ask them... you'll likely be surprised by what you hear.
+ SIMPLE WINS. You've heard it from us over and over... people want simple. One of the biggest complaints we hear in focus groups with churches across the country is that staffers and member/attenders want the way they engage the church to be simple. They're frustrated with the inefficiency of so much of church communications. Simplify and then simplify more. Simplify your brand, your message, your design, your web... simplify everything!
+ COMMUNICATE LIFE. Treat every communication piece that comes from your church with value and importance. People will value what you value. Everything the local church communicates should have an infusion of life, vibrancy, renewal, transformation, and spirituality at every turn. Focus on the mission and calling of your church and be inspired by that in every vehicle of communication the church produces. People want to be uplifted... lift them up!


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Brian Jones