•   Strategy

    Communications and branding driven by a well-planned strategy

  •   Brand Building

    Passion, creativity, and purpose for the quality and reach of your brand

  •   Communications Plan

    Identify the best approaches, flow, and tools needed to engage more people

  •   Website Rethink

    Overhaul of your web presence to insure engagement, relevance, and attraction

  •   Web Content Rethink

    Matching your messaging to your brand voice and utilizing today's best practices

  •   Print Rethink

    Review and overhaul of all print collateral for relevance, efficiency, and savings

  •   Guest Tools

    Creating an aggressive Guest hospitality plan with supporting tools

  •   Enews

    Evaluate and redesign enews for increased readability, relevance, and response

  •   Big Event Promotions

    Create branding and strategies to maximize the impact of big events

  •   Outreach Campaigns

    Strategic outreach campaigns with branding, tools, plan, and evaluation

  •   Giving Campaigns

    Identify campaigns and tools for increasing budget and awareness of stewardship

  •   Ministry Branding

    Create plan and standards for ministry branding that reinforces the main brand

  •   Media & Video

    Determine appropriate applications for video and platforms to showcase video

  •   Planning & Review

    Monthly and quarterly meetings for shorterm planning/brainstorming and evaluation