site features

  •   Content Management

    simple to use editor tools with in-context editing... just click and edit any of the content on your site

  •   Social Integration

    from auto posting to Facebook to sharing through ShareThis... stay connected to all things social

  •   Web Analytics

    integration with Google Analytics allows you to see exactly where your visitors are going

  •   Hosting

    your monthly fee includes both hosting and access to the tools you need to manage your site

  •   Staff

    manage your staff page easily updating and pub­lishing staff images, profiles, and contact info

  •   Calendar

    just add events to your Google Calendar and they automatically publishes to your site

  •   Forms

    create forms, receive completion notifications, and view form results with just a few clicks

  •   Audio

    easily manage and present your audio files within your site with description and display options

  •   File Management

    efficiently store, manage, and edit all the files needed for your site; from images to PDFs to mp3s

  •   Video

    seamlessly sync with your Vimeo account, automati­cally updating your video page each time you add new videos

  •   Blog

    managing blog posts and automatically publishing posts to your homepage and Facebook are simple

  •   RSS

    provide your users with access to your blog and audio content through automated RSS feeds

  •   User Permissions

    control backend user privileges with three levels of user permissions, allowing more of your team to help get the job done